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Nov 16, 2015

In this episode...

Nov 9, 2015

In this episode

  • Rob & Liam discuss the practical applications of threat intelligence for today's enterprise
  • We discuss what enterprise threat intelligence really is (and also what it isn't)
  • We discuss the place of feeds, tools, processes and people in the mechanics of the program
  • We discuss the need to conduct a...

Nov 2, 2015

In this episode...

  • Turn any old car into a "smart car" for $200 with this new miracle device
    • Could be a fantastic idea
    • Could be an awful idea
    • Has anyone considered the security ramifications?
    • What about privacy?

Oct 26, 2015

In this episode...

  • Raf sits down with Howard Shmidt to talk about Cyber Security from the public to private sectors and everything in between.
  • Howard & Raf talk through challenges of cyber security in the board room
  • Howard gives us some of the challenges that government faces, from his experience
  • Don't miss this...

Oct 19, 2015

In this episode...

  • Standard & Poor's Adding Cybersecurity to Ratings
    • The headline
      • In a report issued this week, the rating agency says it could issue a downgrade before a cyberattack if a bank looked ill-prepared, or following a breach that causes significant damage to a bank's reputation or which leads to...