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Nov 15, 2022


This podcast has attempted to go down-market a few times, with some success in discussing the important issues that service providers and security vendors oddly ignore. If you're not in the enterprise, you get ignored by 90%+ of the security vendor space, that's just fact, and that means that you're left to fend for yourself at the worst scale possible.

That's unfortunate, in the long run, because as all the vendors chase enterprise vendors, they at the same time lament the poor state of downmarket security. This podcast addresses something that may be able to help. A long-time colleague and friend has started a company and has a philosophy that we think y'all should hear about.

I'm going to encourage you to give ContraForce a look -- not just because they're named after one of my favorite video games of all time -- but because they are working hard to solve a fundamental problem that we have in the security space...small companies have big problems too.