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Jun 29, 2015

In this episode

With me gone, James and Michael run feral!

  • It's June, so here are the top 3 security priorities for CISOs for 2015 (yes in June)
    • Boils down to: patch faster, improve credentials, code better
    • Is this the right list? 
    • It mentioned side-stepping cloud and mobility. What if migrating to the cloud offers the opportunity to not worry about patching or code, and improve your credentials? 
    • Someone pointed out to me that this matches the OPM hack; perhaps this is just content driven from that? Does that make it more or less valid?
    • Let us know… #DTSR
  • Cybersecurity tops advisors's compliance worries: poll
  • Why it's worth divorcing information security from IT
  • Keeping your kids safe (online) this summer -- with our very own TV star, James!
    • James, tell us about the experience - and how you don’t have nearly the control you think you’ll have
    • What did you do to prep?
    • What was your one big take away?
    • Now that you did the interview, any new thoughts?
    • Folks… what do you do? #DTSR - congratulate James on a great interview, then share your ideas (and yes, this is an enterprise play -- you can AND SHOULD share this with your employees)