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Aug 19, 2013

In this episode...

  • Rob gives us a little history lesson
  • Rob keeps going on the history lesson, IDS, open vs. closed circuits
  • We discuss "defense in depth" from back-in-the-day
  • James re-introduces us to the "security onion"
  • Rob talks about "programming for super-high-speed" and scale
  • Constructing things to truly "build scalability in"...
  • Designing networks as a front-end vs. back-end architecture
  • Rob points out that network diagrams are always wrong


  • Robert Graham ( @ErrataRob ) - No, this is not Robert Graham the clothing designer, this is Robert Graham the guy who pioneered the IDS. In Robert's own words ... "I am a well-known security research (aka. "white-hat" hacker). I created the BlackICE personal firewall in 1998. I invented the first network intrusion prevention system (IPS) "BlackICE Guard" in 1999, which is now sold as "Proventia" by IBM."