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Aug 5, 2013

In this episode...

  • Dave reminisces a bit...
  • Dave discusses 'digitall signed malware' and that it means
  • We discuss whether it's true that 'all networks are compromised'
  • We discuss consumer-grade vs. corporate-grade threats, and why they're different
  • An interesting point by Dave about why enterprises aren't learning from their compromises
  • We discuss customized malware, with specific and targeted payloads for specific systems
  • Dave talks about whether 'compat the criminal, hire the criminal' is true


  • Dave Marcus ( @DaveMarcus ) - Dave is currently the Chief Architect, Advanced Research and Threat Intelligence McAfee Federal Advanced Programs Group. He's been around the industry for a long time, and has influenced countless numbers of researchers. He is well known as a fantastic speaker, subject-matter expert and generally a badass, and I feel lucky enough to call him my friend.