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Jul 8, 2013

In this episode...

  • We get a little insight into the mind of Tomer, and how he thinks about security
  • We get an insight into what HP Software IT Management is doing to ensure security in the products they release
  • We discuss making security more than just a security line-item, and a business requirement
  • There are many "uncomfortable pauses" :)
  • We discuss Tomer's risk-focused approach to software quality
  • We ask "Is HP drinking it's own champagne?"
  • Tomer gives us his feeling on DevOps


  • Tomer Gershoni - Tomer is the Information Security Officer responsible for product security for a select part of HP Software known as IT Management. Previous to that he was the CISO for HP Software-as-a-Service for over 3 years based out of Yehud, Israel. Tomer has over 10 years experience in Information Security and a background in software security. He is a very interesting individual, and his public profile can be found on LinkedIn here: