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May 8, 2012


It's rare that I get to be a spectator at a podcast, but in this case I was listening to some of the conversations and talks being given at Chicago's very own THOTCON 0x3, and decided it would be valueable to you to get some of the conversation movers on the microphone.  We started talking about the applicability of information security conferences to your "day job", got into a discussion on "hallway con" and then went down the rabbithole on some interesting tangential topics ... and of course the fresh rap from DualCore was awesome.  I hope you enjoy the episode ...


  • Georgia Weidman - Georgia is a independent consultant, penetration tester and mobile device hacker.
  • Ken Swick - Ken is a security manager from the Financial Services vertical with many years experience in defending corporate networks, and bringing business value to information security programs.
  • DualCore - DualCore ... what can I say - dropping raps like packets straight to your ears ... DualCore music is what you should hear.