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Feb 6, 2012


World-renowned author, researcher, speaker and founder of legendary TripWire joins me semi-live from LASCON in Austin, Texas to talk about his current project(s) [The DevOps Cookbook, and When IT Fails: A Novel], and his book Visible Ops and how this can all be applied to security in today's tough business climate.  Gene and I discuss what in the DNA of well-performing (or "agile") IT organizations, based on Gene's research and experience, enables them to not only perform better, but also serve the business faster.  These high-performing organizations all have things in common, and you may be shocked to hear it's not heaps of money, or resources, or "powerful" CISOs.  The experience was a pleasure and I guarantee you'll learn something from this podcast, and I highly encourage you to add Gene's books as a staple of your career-building library.


  • "The real" Gene Kim - I am working on my third and fourth books, "When IT Fails: The Novel" and "The DevOps Cookbook," scheduled to be published in June 2012. Both are the culmination of over 13 years of researching both high-performing and low-performing IT organizations, as well as benchmarking over 1500 IT organizations to help inform what behaviors simultaneously advance business and information security objectives.  LinkedIn profile, just in case you have never had the pleasure -