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Nov 29, 2022


It's always a pleasure when I can get some friends together and banter on about a topic we all find interesting. This week's topic was supposed to be released a bit later, but it couldn't wait. We had so much fun that I thought it needed publication right now. The premise is simple - have you looked around at...

Nov 22, 2022


On this episode Rafal & James re-visit the concepts of machine learning, "artificial intelligence", and applicability to cyber security from Sven Krasser, Chief Scientist at CrowdStrike. Dr Krasser has been working on algorithms and computers analyzing massive amounts of data since the early 2000's so his...

Nov 15, 2022


This podcast has attempted to go down-market a few times, with some success in discussing the important issues that service providers and security vendors oddly ignore. If you're not in the enterprise, you get ignored by 90%+ of the security vendor space, that's just fact, and that means that you're left to...

Nov 8, 2022


Are you sick of hearing "Zero Trust"? Do you, like us, also feel like it's a marketing buzzword, and then a cute concept that has a very difficult time in reality? Yeah, this episode is for you.

David Fairman and Jason Clark, join Rafal to talk about what is essentially continuous signals evaluation, least...

Nov 1, 2022


This week, we take it back to the basics, that's right, the basics, as we talk to Huxley Barbee about the need to identify and understand the assets on your network and in your various environments. A fascinating conversation with some history, some laughs, and some honest discussion a topic that's absolutely...