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Oct 25, 2022


Today's guest helps James and Rafal attempt to unravel the completely confusing space of "modern remote access". Some call it SASE, some SSE, some ZTE and some are completely mad and still use the term VPN. Who knows who's right, or why any one is preferred over the other ...except Carlos Salas from NordLayer....

Oct 19, 2022


It's been a while since we have done an episode on cyber insurance, in fact, the last episode was back in July of 2021. So we revisit with the two experts plus a bonus guest for you.

We look at the issues from the perspective of the...

Oct 11, 2022


Our industry has been talking about XDR for a while now. Some people think it's the savior, some people think it's marketing garbage - and neither of them really understands what this "thing" named XDR is. Well, I figure we'll get some smart people on the podcast, people who live in this field and use this word...

Oct 4, 2022


We start Cyber Security Awareness Month - the 30-day window where corporate law requires you to check the box and take boring security 'awareness' training, then forget it November 1st. Not my favorite month... so what about scammers, criminals, and bad people who prey upon those who aren't covered by corporate...