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Oct 26, 2021


On this episode of the DtSR Podcast - Ann Johnson joins special guest-host Ken Fishkin of NJ ISC2 chapter, along with James & Rafal to talk about leadership, and sports apparently.

Thanks to the NJ Chapter of ISC2 ( )for submitting questions and Ken for joining us to...

Oct 19, 2021


This week on a ridiculously awesome episode of the DtSR Podcast the one and only Mr. Steve Perkins of Nubeva joins Rafal & James to talk about something worth shouting about. They've figured out how to beat ransomware... yes, there are a few 'catch' things, but the tech seems solid and the possibilities...

Oct 12, 2021


This week, we get to meet Sean Jackson. You may not know Sean, but his journey may feel familiar. He got here much like many of you, and his story of discovery and understanding of his role in the business as "the security guy" is something you should probably know. There are many paths into our profession, and...

Oct 5, 2021


This week, Kim Lewandowski joins Rafal & James to talk about Google's latest contribution to the Open Source software movement - Supply-chain Levels for Software Artifacts (SLSA). We have a great conversation, and I hope you guys go watch the video (when it comes out) and check out the axe in the background. I...