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Dec 28, 2021


Bentsi is a guy with some experience in the bad guy world when it comes to devices and gadgets getting compromised. In this episode, he tells us stories and anecdotes on things he's seen and the threats gadgets face. It's a very interesting discussion, and might just make you a little more paranoid before it's...

Dec 21, 2021


Have you ever plugged your smart phone, tablet or other "smart thing" into a power cable that wasn't yours? I'm guessing you've answered yes - and if so, you need to listen to this episode.

As we travel and move around with our smart devices, we don't always have our charging cables & blocks with us, and that...

Dec 14, 2021


In a technically deeper episode, Ev joins Rafal to discuss how security has made productivity challenging at times, in terms of having to jump through hoops to get work done, and what we should be doing about it. Ev asks us to image an entirely new paradigm of productive access to necessary resources - so...

Dec 7, 2021


This week's episode is one of my favorite topics - marketing buzzwords. You've all heard the term "XDR" and wondered (probably like me) what the heck it is and how it's different than EDR or MDR. Do we really need more buzzwords?

Mark Alba from Anomali joins me this week to discuss this, and I think it'll help...

Dec 2, 2021


Welcome to the last month of 2021 - December. This month we have a few bonus episodes, starting with this gem on identity. We've got a great guest and Mike Kiser has some interesting opinions he's definitely not holding back on.

Thanks for listening - we hope you enjoy this episode. And special thanks to