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Sep 29, 2020


This week on episode 414 of the podcast, I'm joined by Rick Howard who just retired ... no, wait ... scratch that, almost retired from Palo Alto Networks after a fantastic run. Rick tells the story of how he almost retired, why he's not on the beach somewhere yet, the Cyber Security Canon, and so much...

Sep 23, 2020


This week we welcome Greg Foss to the show - Greg has some experience in security operations and managing SOCs and such. He dishes, we laugh, we learn, and hopefully you'll enjoy. Lots of topics covered including my personal favorite: "tools in the SOC" - in which we discuss how tools are actually hurting SOC...

Sep 15, 2020


This week David Soto joins Rafal and James to talk about how throughout his career the cybersecurity landscape has evolved and the tools have consolidated, integrated, and how we're perhaps still misunderstanding "good enough". David of course has a very long and storied career where he's carried multiple...

Sep 9, 2020


This week, the one and only @RSnake joins us to just ... talk. We notice he has a few cameras too many, or maybe he's just being monitored? We talk about the big problems in the industry, what he's doing to solve them, and some other random things you'll have to listen to get.


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Sep 1, 2020


Because we can't get enough of Brandon Dunlap and Shawn Tuma over here on the podcast, here we go again. Last episode Brandon talked about responsibility and accountability - so when we saw the story about a CISO being indicted for being less-than-truthful to the FTC, we couldn't resist. This episode is...