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Jul 28, 2020


This week, Rafal welcomes Wayne Reynolds, a veteran of not only our industry, but of the US Marine Corps - where he's been a leader in multiple scenarios. We talk about what makes good leaders, good and bad styles, and the things you need to know if you either WANT to be a leader, or you are looking to find...

Jul 21, 2020


This week, on the "Episode Not Found", Rafal and James host Robert Lee from Dragos. It's a conversation about Operational Technologies that includes a deep dive into the business and management side of Industrial Controls and the Energy Sector. Robert gives us a frank, no-spin walkthrough in the good and bad...

Jul 15, 2020


This week on the podcast, episode 403 features two good friends of mine Joey Peloquin and John "JP" Pirc. John and I talked about the awful state of the MSSP back in episode 395 (LINK) and I was challenged to do more than just talk about the sorry state of security delivered as a service. So, I called up some...

Jul 7, 2020


First, I need to apologize for the quality of my (Rafal) audio. For a reason I don't understand, the Skype central record feature absolutely butchered it - could have been something on my end, I simply don't know. It should be listenable, albeit annoying.

Second, huge thanks to Carlos for taking the time out...