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Jun 29, 2015

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With me gone, James and Michael run feral!

Jun 22, 2015

In this episode...

  • What is the Security Advisor Alliance?
  • We discuss some of the issues facing CISOs today
  • Clayton gives us his perspective on how to solve some of those issues
  • Clayton tells us about the mission of the SAA
  • If your'e a CISO, are you signed up for the SAA Summit?  Shoot Clayton an...

Jun 15, 2015

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Jun 8, 2015

In this episode...

  • Defenders are set up to fail? how and why
  • How do we fill forensics and IR positions?What skills and qualifications do forensics/IR need to have?
  • How can enterprises get better at IR from where they are today?
  • How do we solve some of the problems plaguing the security industry?



  • Andrew...

Jun 1, 2015

Apologies to anyone who is having issues downloading this episode!

In this episode...