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Aug 23, 2022


We've covered "threat intelligence" on the show a few times now, but the evolving nature of what threat data is, how it's useful, and how it enables defenders of a specific type identify malicious activity keep it interesting. This time around Adam Meyers of CrowdStrike joins Rafal to discuss threat intelligence, threat hunting, and clarifies some of the mis-conceptions and utilities around the topic. A good conversation for those defending their infrastructure and useful data points from someone who is a recognized expert. Adam joins us from his bunker, with all the elements you'd expect from Adam, so it's definitely worth your time to listen closely.

Check out Fal.Con, where you can catch the cutting-edge on CrowdStrike kit, industry knowledge, and hear some great industry speakers. Rafal will be there speaking on the topic of operationalizing and making the SOC more effective and efficient at small scale, check it out (link below).