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Jun 28, 2022


As some of you know, I've been either in the AppSec space, or adjacent, since the fairly early days. I built a program at GE a million years ago, and worked selling dynamic web app testing software for many years. If you've been in the space, you can feel a little bit hopeless with all the different options, tools, and advice only to look at the stale OWASP Top 10 and wonder ...why aren't things improving? Matt Rose joins me in a post-RSA conversation about ASPM (Application Security Posture Management), and before you dismiss it as another analyst buzzword, let's talk about why this may actually (and finally) start to solve some of the complex issues around developing, releasing, and maintaining reasonably secure software.

This is a space I've been passionate about for a long time, and I feel like everyone should listen to this.