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May 25, 2021


You've GOT to hear this!

This week on the podcast, I invited Martin Zizi of Aerendir, to talk about how we can use technology to not only distinguish between humans and non-humans (bots?) but also how to identify humans with staggering levels of precision - using commonly available and inexpensive components. He's got humor, an eclectic background, and great knowledge of the topic. Join us!


  • Martin Zizi
    • Bio: Dr. Martin Zizi, MD-Ph.D, deep expertise in Molecular Biophysics and Neurosciences. He is one of the Founders & CEO of Aerendir Mobile Inc. He is the inventor of the NeuroPrint®, a cloudless AI-supported neural-tapping technology that can be used for authentication, identification, encryption, secure TLS, and bot segregation. Following his early years in the United States as a Scientist at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research where he worked on very advanced projects, he had a 20-years dual-track career, leading both academic and strategic projects as a top scientist in 3 fields and was also a Chief Scientific Officer for Belgian DoD. Martin was a sought-after advisor for the Belgian, the EU governments, international organizations (UN) and the industry.

      Aerendir Mobile Inc. is his second start-up. He was #2 at another start-up in the Medical technology vertical.

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