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May 19, 2020

Special thanks to our friends at AlertLogic - for providing some great discussion points and John for the episode!

This week, as DtSR hits episode 395 on our way to Episode 400, James and Rafal take some time out to ask:

"Hey John, how's the hair?"

It's great to be able to spend time with old friends and just talk about solving some long-standing problems our industry faces. One of the perennial favorites is why MSSPs are all terrible. Well - we have some ideas! Listen in if you've ever been frustrated with your MSSP... and are maybe interested in how the industry can collectively do better.


  • John Pirc
    • LinkedIn:
    • Rafal's personal note: John's a badass who has more experience in solving broad-scale problems and helping customers and companies through some difficult challenges. His advice is sage... you should probably listen in