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Nov 19, 2019

First, and foremost, thank you to OpenText for having the #DtSR Podcast live and in-person in Las Vegas. Enfuse is a fantastic conference bringing together security operations professionals (forensics, threat hunters, SOC analysts), privacy, and legal professionals under one banner. It's a fantastic opportunity to hear some very involved talks, hear about the state-of-the-art, and join the conversation.

Also ... the people you will meet there are amazing - guests and staff.

Highlights from this week's episode include...

  • Kevin gives us an educated, experience-based opinion on threat intelligence, threat hunting, and other various key terms
  • Rafal make some snarky comments about "your mess for less" MSSPs
  • Rafal and Kevin attempt to discuss the analyst shortage - do we solve it with tech or people?


  • Kevin Golas, Director of Worldwide Security Services at OpenText -