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Nov 12, 2019

Down the Security Rabbithole is back for Episode 370, and this week's podcast focuses on gamification, and it's applications to InfoSec. Big thanks to Chloé for joining us and sharing her knowledge. She's a legitimate expert in the field, so give this a listen.


Highlights from this week's episode include...

  • Chloé explains gamification
  • Rafal and James ask some tough questions
  • Chloé explains how games help us learn
  • Much more, tune in!



  • Chloé Messdaghi ( @ChloeMessdaghi ) - VP of Strategy at Point3 Security. She is a security researcher advocate who supports safe harbor and strongly believes that information security is a humanitarian issue. Besides her passion to keep people safe and empowered online & offline, she is driven to change the statistics of women in InfoSec. She co-founded Women of Security (WoSEC) and heads the SF Bay Area chapter. As well, she created WomenHackerz, a global online community that provides support and resources for hundreds of women hackers at all levels