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Oct 30, 2019

Welcome to another edition of the DtSR Podcast! This week Liz Rice joins us all the way from the (still) UK, and James is back too! What a treat... join us and read the show notes!

Highlights from this week's episode include...

  • Liz explains containers, security, and gives us a foundation
  • Liz explains the fundamental stages of securing containers
  • Liz explains the model of different types of containers and the things you need to worry about
  • Rafal asks "where do you install the agent?"



  • Liz Rice - ( @LizRice ) - Liz Rice leads Aqua’s technology evangelism activities in the cloud-native ecosystem. She is an active member of the open source community, and an award-winning speaker known for her live-coding demos. She is currently co-chair of KubeCon & CloudNativeCon. Prior to getting immersed in containers she built up a wealth of software development, team, and product management experience working on network protocols and distributed systems, and in digital technology sectors such as VOD, music, and VoIP with companies including Skype, and Metaswitch Networks. When not writing code, or talking about it, Liz loves riding bikes in places with better weather than her native London, and competing in virtual races on Zwift. Find her on LinkedIn: