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Aug 15, 2019

This week on another jammed-packed episode, Rafal takes to Black Hat 2019 to interview some interesting guests that have something unique to tell you. We start with Deidre Diamond, the lady behind CyberSN - and why she's reinventing the way you get your next InfoSec job.


Highlights from this week's show include...

  • Deidre tells us a little bit about what's new at CyberSN
  • Rafal & Deidre discuss the insane InfoSec job market
  • Deidre explains why how she's planning on eliminating hiring bias in the InfoSec workforce
  • The last time Deidre joined us was episode 337 - 
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  • Deidre Diamond ( @Cyber_SN ) - With over 20 years spent leading technology and cybersecurity organizations, Deidre Diamond offers a great perspective on the issues that matter most in our industry. Her vision, “to transform employment searching” has remained constant since she founded CyberSN in 2014. Find her on LinkedIn: