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May 1, 2019

This week, Rafal is joined by the man, the myth, the Aussie legend - Troy Hunt. We basically talk about whatever is on his mind - which, as it turns out is a lot. Take a listen, we may publish an English translation later (joking, Troy!).


Highlights from this week's show include...

  • Troy gives a run-down on HaveIBeenPwned
  • We talk through some of the interesting use-cases for HaveIBeenPwned data
  • Troy gives perspective on usernames, passwords, and other important things technology/security related


  • Troy Hunt ( @TroyHunt ) - Troy is a Microsoft Regional Director and Most Valuable Professionalawardee for Developer Security, blogger at, international speaker on web security and the author of many top-rating security courses for web developers on Pluralsight.

    I created HIBP as a free resource for anyone to quickly assess if they may have been put at risk due to an online account of theirs having been compromised or "pwned" in a data breach. I wanted to keep it dead simple to use and entirely free so that it could be of maximum benefit to the community.

    Short of the odd donation, all costs for building, running and keeping the service currently come directly out of my own pocket. Fortunately, today's modern cloud services like Microsoft Azure make it possible to do this without breaking the bank!