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Apr 9, 2019

This week, in the final installment of "Live from RSA Conference 2019" Rafal interviews Mark Simos, who is the definitive source for reference architectures at Microsoft. He's the Lead Architect in the Enterprise Security Group and he's doing some amazing things for the community with regards to the Azure cloud and other Microsoft-related security things. Give this episode a listen and share it ...maybe listen again and take good notes!

Highlights from this week's show include...

  • Mark discusses security reference architectures (in general)
  • Mark and Raf rap on the shared responsibility model for the cloud...again
  • Mark answers "What's different about security in the cloud?"
  • Mark raises the concept of "raising the cost to the adversary" for defenders...


  • Mark Simos - ( @MarkSimos ) - Mark is Lead Architect in Microsoft’s Enterprise Cybersecurity Group where he is part of a group of cybersecurity experts who create and deliver unique cybersecurity services and solutions to Microsoft’s customers.

    Mark has contributed to a significant amount of Microsoft cybersecurity guidance - most of which can be found on Mark's List (

    Mark focuses on cybersecurity guidance to help customers manage cybersecurity threats with Microsoft technology and our partner solutions. Mark's current focus is on security assessments and roadmaps that span the spectrum of security topics including privileged access, high value asset protection, security strategies and operations, datacenter security, and information worker protection.