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Jan 30, 2019

This week, long-time friend and colleague Jenn Black (doer of interesting things) joins James and Rafal on the podcast to talk about the role of security leaders in the digital transformation efforts of enterprise shops. Interesting conversation ensues.

Highlights from this week's show include...

  • Jenn, James, and Rafal discuss the role of the security lead in enterprise digital transformation
  • Jenn shares some of her experience in aiding CISOs with building security programs to support 'the business'
  • We make light of the fact that it's a million degrees below zero up north


  • Jenn R. Black ( @JennRBlack ) - With over 18 years of experience within IT and cybersecurity managed services, Jenn helps companies manage their cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities, and risks to meet regulatory and business needs, while driving process efficiency. As a consultant in a cybersecurity practice, she works closely with clients to define their cyber strategy, create roadmaps and solutions to meet the company’s security objectives.