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Jan 9, 2019

This week, on the DtSR Podcast recorded way too early on a Monday morning, we talk volunteering in InfoSec with Kathleen Smith. Kathleen is the CMO of and - and she recently ran a volunteerism survey (link: you should probably check out too.

Highlights of this week's show include...

  • Kathleen discusses some of the highlights of the survey
  • We discuss some of the things volunteers learn, and why this is critical to our community
  • Several jokes are made
  • We discuss the value of volunteering and its impact on your career
  • and much, much more



  • Kathleen Smith - @YesItsKathleen - CMO, ClearedJobs.Net/CyberSecJobs.Com, both veteran-owned companies, she spearheads the community-building, and communications outreach initiatives catering to the both organizations’ many audiences including security cleared job seekers, cybersecurity candidates, and military personnel. Kathleen has presented at several security conferences on recruiting and job search within the cybersecurity world to include BSidesLV, BSidesTampa, BSidesDE, FedCyber. Kathleen volunteers in the cybersecurity community; she is the Director, HireGround, BSidesLV’s 2-day career track. Kathleen is well respected within the recruiting community, is the co-founder and current President of recruitDC, the largest community of recruiters in the Washington DC area