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Oct 23, 2018

This week, my good friend and entrepreneur Rock Lambros (of the newly formed Rock Cyber) joins me to talk about getting the itch to go out on your own and actually doing it. Many of us have thought about it, daydreamed, but very few do it. So hear an episode from someone who did...

Highlights of this week's show include...

  • What motivates and drives someone to jump the safety net of corporate life and go off on their own?
  • Rock gives us the secret to "How you know it's time"
  • We discuss how you can avoid the failings of the typical "consultant"
  • We talk through some very interesting strategy and advisory questions... (lots of gems in here!)
  • Rock drops his list of things to think about/remember
  • We discuss how to make security more than just a cost center


  • Rock's new company - Rock Cyber "Navigating Security in a Brave New World" (