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Oct 3, 2018

So, it's October 2018, and it's National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Again.

James and I have a bit of an issue with this, as you'd guess. Why are we still talking about awareness when we need action? Are there really people out there that are saying "If only I was aware that there are bad people trying to do bad things, I'd had done it differently"?


Highlights from this week's show include...

  • We riff on the thing we talk about once a year (and not anymore)
  • James takes a shot at passwords... fish, meet the barrel
  • Raf gets a little upset that we're talking about awareness, since 2004 and nothing really changes
  • Raf & James ask you to take action this year and tell us about it! Hashtag it #DtSR and tell us what you're doing for NCSAM 2018 that's going to make an actual difference