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Jul 3, 2018

Thanks to my friend Brian Wrozek for joining us this week on Down the Security Rabbithole Podcast. Brian's long career as a CISO has broken several 'typical' molds... so he's a fantastic person to join us to talk about the things CISOs should be thinking about.

Highlights from this week's show include...

  1. Prioritizing projects as the CISO
  2. Getting support from the outside because "we hired you to know this"
  3. Refreshing and revisiting completed projects/tools to optimize and see a value
  4. Security is additive, we never really take anything away - is this a problem?
  5. Red team, blue team, purple team ... what happened to penetration testing?
  6. Automation, orchestration, automated response to bad
  7. Risk management, and "back to the basics" is still broken
  8. Breach after breach after breach - and nothing's changing