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May 2, 2018

* Special thanks to Microsoft for giving DtSR access to fantastic guests, and printing t-shirts & stickers for RSA Conference 2018. Please help us say thank you and check out all of the MS announcements at and if you really want to check out something amazing where IoT and cloud collide, check out

On this second special episode of the podcast live from RSA 2018, Raf sits down at RSA Conference 2018 with a gentleman you may not know but you should, Avi Ben-Menahem. We discuss what it's like in terms of effort, scope, and sheer talent, to take on the monumental task of securing the Azure public cloud platform. Avi shares his insights, and drops us some interesting tidbits on the day in the life of someone working at truly hyper scale.

Again, special thanks to Jessica and the Microsoft team for some truly unprecedented access.