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Sep 5, 2017

This week, on Down the Security Rabbithole, Rudra "Rudy" Mitra joins us from Redmond to talk about what it's like to defend Office 365 at scale. On this episode we cover:

  • What we mean by at scale in regards to Office 365
  • Some pros and cons of the Office 365 platform as it pertains to security and safety
  • Eary warning, early detection, and how easy it is to really break things

There's so much more too! We even skipped talking about current events to give this show maximum run-time. Sit back, grab something to take notes with, and listen up. The lesson begins now.



  • Rudra "Rudy" Mitra - ( @rudramitra ) Rudra is the Director of Information Protection for the Office 365 platform. He works on extremely large-scale projects to ensure the safety and security of client data and the platform itself. LinkedIn profile is here: