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Jun 6, 2017

This podcast episode was recorded live to tape from Enfuse Conference 2017 from Las Vegas. If you didn't get a chance go get out this year to one of the premier DFIR (Digital Forensics and Incident Response) conferences you missed a heck of an event. 

James and I want to thank Guidance Software for the invitation, for having us out, and for access to some truly amazing guests for this series of recordings.

For #248 sit back and listen to Nick Hyatt talk with James and Raf about ransomware - fresh from his Enfuse Conference talk to your ears.


Enjoy and as always please hit us up on Twitter at #DtSR.



  • Nick Hyatt ( @Skelet0wn3d ) - Nick is currently the Senior Incident Management Consultant at Optiv Security, Inc. responsible for incident response, threat hunting, digital forensics, and malware forensics using a variety of skills and tools. He has hands-on knowledge and understanding of malware forensics, observation, removal, and threat hunting. Additionally, Nick has hands-on experience with digital forensics, malware forensics, data mapping, threat hunting, and e-discovery in different scales, from start-up and SMB environments to Fortune 500 environments.