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Dec 6, 2016

Federal Government Disproves the Myth of Cyber Talent Shortage

5 Mistakes to Avoid to Hire Qualified Application Security Talent

Obama Cyber Security Commission to [Finally] Present Its Report

  • Seems like lots of fluff. But is there any actual substance here?
  • Protect, defend, and secure today’s information infrastructure and digital networks
  • Innovate and accelerate investment for the security and growth of digital networks and the digital economy
  • Prepare consumers to thrive in a digital age
  • Build cybersecurity workforce capabilities
  •  Better equip government to function effectively and securely in the digital age
  •  Ensure an open, fair, competitive, and secure global digital economy

The First Question Security Leaders Need to Ask Before the Breach Happens

Amazon Unveils Anti-DDoS Service for Customers

  • The company is offering two levels of protection
  • AWS Shield Standard monitors incoming web traffic for customers and uses anomaly algorithms and other analysis techniques to detect malicious traffic in real-time
  • The company also announced AWS Shield Advanced, a version designed to protect against more aggressive and sophisticated attacks
  • This is big news - because DDoS has become an effective tool of cyber extortionists