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Aug 18, 2016

Quick note from Michael about the Straight Talk Framework & Program -- >

  • Get your free copy at
  • Launched a new program last week… boy, did I learn a lot.
    • Mostly, it’s my failure to explain. I’m going to chronicle some of the lessons over the next few days and share them
    • If you’ve already downloaded the questions - I’d love to chat with you about your experience…
    • If you find yourself in a situation like this, let’s chat. 25 minutes on the phone and we’ll both benefit
  • Until Monday, August 22nd, chance to get on board early and benefit yourself; i’ve got a lot to share this week and into the future. We’re at the start of something big!

Microsoft Accidentally Leaks 'Golden Keys' That Unlock Secure Boot-Protected Windows Devices: Oops?

The Future Of ATM Hacking

  • We didn’t have a problem, but we went ahead with the solution. Looking back on it, imagine some straight talk on this fiasco?
  • Yes, I realize some of you like the elegance of chip + pin; do you like the UX? Because it sucks. And if you lament the mag stripe, does that mean you stopped using a terrestrial radio, too?
  • Our need as leaders - in the enterprise and across the industry - is to focus limited energy and assets on the areas that create the most value

Apple will reward hackers with "bug bounty" to find flaws

  • The more we press on it, the more that we understand bug bounties and the like are just externally sourced (on spec) testing.
  • If you caught our last interview, we continued to explore the distinctions between research and testing; and rest assured, we’ll continue. When it comes to bug bounties, then, how does Apple do relative to structuring the deal of testing their software and devices?

Turbulence Ahead: Delta Computer Outage Is Just The Start, Say Experts

Risk vs reward – when good data becomes dangerous

Chief Security Officer May Be The Job Of The Future That No One Wants