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May 11, 2015

In this episode...

  • A quick walk-through of Rob’s talk (“Hacker ghost stories”), and why it’s completely relevant today
  • Simple things that work
    • blocking java (externally)
    • effectively blocking “uncategorized” sites in your forwarding proxies
    • (not) resolving DNS internally
    • (not) default routing to the Internet from inside
    • canaries in the coal mine, or evil canaries


  • James Robinson ( @0xJames ) - Currently the Director, Threat and Risk Management at Accuvant-Fishnet Security and part of the Office of the CISO. He has a long and storied career of success as an enterprise defender across various industries. 
  • Rob Fuller ( @mubix ) - Rob is an experienced InfoSec industry insider, with many interesting achievements and accomplishments. He's easily findable, as are his many public doings.