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Dec 8, 2014

In this episode

  • Michelle explains to us what Enterprise Architecture is, and what it isn't
  • Michelle gives her take on how both security and enterprise architecture both support each other
  • We discuss the roll of standards, standards, standards - and why you can't have security without it
  • We talk about GRC
  • We talk through roles & responsibilities definition between security, architecture, and the rest of IT
  • "Application Portfolio Rationalization" --the most impossible project. Ever.
  • Michelle schools us on data, high-value assets, meta-data and the really hard topics for security
  • Michelle gives us a series of examples of "HOW" we can find high-value assets, and start security there
  • Michelle addresses the phrase "business alignment" since it's pivotal to enterprise architecture


  • Michelle-Marie Strah ( @CyberSlate ) - Director, Enterprise Architecture at NBCUniversal – recently joined the newly formed Strategy and Architecture team at NBCUniversal designed to drive enterprise architecture, solutions architecture and innovation management across all companies in the NBCUniversal global portfolio. Previously she was at Microsoft Corporation worldwide headquarters where she was responsible for leading emerging markets cloud deployments, go to market and compete strategies in Latin America for public, private and hybrid cloud offers (both Azure and partner hosted clouds). As part of her role on the Applied Incubation Team she worked closely with partners, CIOs and government officials as well as internal CTO, legal, and chief security officer teams in the region to ensure privacy and security standards for government and private sector cloud adoption in Latin America. As an enterprise architect, Michelle specializes in governance, risk, compliance, information security and enterprise information management and has decades of experience in highly regulated industries, government, defense and healthcare.

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