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Oct 2, 2014

Thank you to Shawn Tuma - an attorney specializing in CFAA and a good friend of our show - for stopping by and lending his expertise on this episode. If you enjoy Shawn's insights, consider following him on Twitter ( @ShawnETuma ) or just saying hello!


In this episode

  • We discuss the CFAA in regards to Robert Graham's brilliantly written blog post on the topic -
  • Shawn gives some key insights on the CFAA including historical context
  • Michael asks some tough questions on the discretion and applicability of CFAA prosecution
  • James goes on a rant about "security researchers" (it's a gem)
  • I'm pretty sure Shawn goes on the record saying security researchers should be credentialed..or was that me?
  • We get some advise from Shawn on where this topic goes next, and how to avoid being a target of prosection


  • Shawn Tuma - ( @ShawnETuma ) - Shawn is an attorney with expertise in computer fraud, social media law, data security, intellectual property, privacy, and litigation. He's a Texan, Christian, family man, author & speaker - and an all-around awesome guy.