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Jun 23, 2014

In this episode

  • What exactly is "GRR"?
  • What sorts of things can GRR do?
  • What is a hunt, and how does it scale across tens of thousands of machines?
  • How does GRR "hide" from malware?
  • How does GRR keep some of the great power it has from being abused?
  • Automating and integrating GRR with external sources and tools
  • Features, functions, capabilities and some magic from Greg
  • The future features, requests, and direction of GRR



  • Greg Castle - Greg has 10 years experience working in computer security. In his current role as Senior Security Engineer at Google, he is a developer and user of the open-source GRR live-forensics system. He also has strong interest and involvement in OS X security, having been responsible for the security of Google's OS X fleet for two years. His pre-Google job roles have included pentester, incident responder, and forensic analyst.