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Jun 9, 2014

My apologies for some of the skips in this episode - we had some difficulty with the recording and ultimately I hope it doesn't take away from Joe's wonderful message.

Thanks for your patience.

In this episode

  • From CISO to CIO - making that leap
  • Does the CISO need to be technical? (answering that question, again)
  • What types of things does a CIO need to know?
  • Who should the CISO report to?
  • Any chance the CISO reporting structure shifts around?
  • A "Chief Data Officer"?
  • Are there too many 'splintered' job titles in the security/risk role?
  • Responsibility, accountability, and where the buck stops
  • What are 3 things security does right, and what are 3 things that we do terribly?
  • How big should your security budget be? (trick question)
  • What KPIs should security be reporting to the CIO? (the hardest question ever)
  • What resources are there for CIOs?