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May 26, 2014

In this episode

  • Jeff explains the background of the relationship between the US government, ICANN and IANA
  • What is the ITU and why is this $0 contract handoff to the ITU such a big deal?
  • What impact did Edward Snowden's actions have on the issue?
  • The potential issues with DNS, cross-border censorship and DNS
  • The importance of Tor, Freenet and challenges of implementation
  • Discussing the evolution of services like Tor through "nation-state firewalls"
  • Changing the image of anonymous services
  • Making Tor and similar services more user-friendly, and more prevalent


  • Jeff Moss ( @TheDarkTangent ) - Jeff, also known as The Dark Tangent, is an American hacker, computer security expert and internet security expert who founded the Black Hat and DEF CON computer Hacker conferences. His Wikipedia page can be found here.