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Apr 14, 2014

In this episode

  • Advanced Threat Actors - more or less a threat right now than before? (how much is hype?)
  • Advanced Persistent Threat - is it really THAT advanced? (a "what" or a "who"?)
  • The distinction of what "APT" is ...and isn't
  • Touching on Mandiant APT-1 ...hype from reality
  • A quick discourse on corporate espionage!
  • How we respond to APTs ... is this just really "incident response" for a boogeyman?
  • The snake oil salesman behind "Automated APT defense"
  • Threat Intelligence - necessary, but what's the proper use?
  • Threat Intelligence requires collaboration, how do we do it?
  • Is our security failing, or is our perception of what we want it to do wrong?
  • Key take-aways for the enterprise professional


  • Steve Santorelli ( @SteveSantorelli ) - Manager of outreach at Team Cymru
  • John Pirc ( @jopirc ) - CTO of NSS Labs
  • J. Oquendo ( @advancedthreat ) - veteran threat researcher
  • Robin Jackson ( @rjacksix ) - veteran threat researcher, forensics expert at HP Enterprise Security Services