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Oct 13, 2014

In this episode

  • Ron gives us a brief history of Tenable and TVM for the enterprise
  • Ron answers "How do you make network security obtainable and defendable?"
  • We discuss TVM as a fundamental principle to many other security program items
  • Ron tells us what the modern definition of "policy" is
  • We discuss some hurdles and challenges of TVM programs in an enterprise
  • We note that security scanning can always break stuff - so how do you get around that?
  • Ron tells us why TVM is so much more than scanning
  • Michael asks "Why are so many companies stuck in a Prince song (1999)?"
  • We attempt to tackle - compliance, risk, and managing to a goal
  • Ron answers the question - "Are we getting any better?"


  • Tenable logl
    Ron Gula ( @RonGula ) 
    - CEO and CTO at Tenable Ron co-founded Tenable Network Security, Inc. in 2002 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Gula served as the President of Tenable Network Security, Inc. He served as the Chief Technology Officer of Network Security Wizards which was acquired by Enterasys Networks. Mr. Gula served as Vice President of IDS Products and worked with many top financial, government, security service providers and commercial companies to help deploy and monitor large IDS installations. Mr. Gula served as Director of Risk Mitigation for US Internetworking and was responsible for intrusion detection and vulnerability detection for one of the first application service providers. Mr. Gula worked at BBN and GTE Internetworking where he conducted security assessments as a consultant, helped to develop one of the first commercial network honeypots and helped develop security policies for large carrier-class networks. Mr. Gula began his career in information security while working at the National Security Agency conducting penetration tests of government networks and performing advanced vulnerability research. He was the original author of the Dragon IDS. Mr. Gula has a BS from Clarkson University and a MSEE from University of Southern Illinois.