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Sep 29, 2014

In this episode

  • DREAMR: What is it, and why is it so important to Enterprise Security today?
  • Examples of aligning business and security requirements and winning hearts & minds
  • How does a security organization get around "see I told you so!" security
  • An example of how to make the framework work for you
  • We discuss the importance of listening, then listening, then listening some more
  • Jessica and Ben explain "accomodating" the business
  • Jessica and Ben give us "One critical piece of advice"


  • Jessica Hebenstreit ( @secitup ) - Jessica Hebenstreit has been a member of the Information Security community for over a decade. Having worked on both the technical and business sides of various enterprises, Hebenstreit has a unique perspective that allows for more understanding when balancing competing interests. She is a successful and results-oriented Information Security expert with hands-on information security experience in security monitoring, incident response, risk assessment, analysis, and architecture and solution design. She holds the following certifications, CISSP, GIAC-GSEC, CRISC and SFCP. In March 2012, she earned her Masters of Science in IT (MSIT) specializing in Information Assurance and Security. She is currently the Manager of Security Informatics - Threat Analysis and Response at Mayo Clinic.  She is building a smart response architecture for incident response from the ground up.
  • Ben Meader ( @blmeader ) - Ben Meader is a Senior Security professional with a unique blend of technical acumen and business know-how. Meader’s security thought leadership has been battle tested at multi-national firms over the past 13 years ranging from network security and operational security to performing detailed risk assessments and implementing a firm-wide privacy program. He remains up to date in both security and business having received his M.B.A. from DePaul University and has a current CISSP. He is also active in the entrepreneurial community and is Co-Founder of a mobile application company on the side. His education and range of experiences in working with firms both large and small have given him a unique perspective on the role of security within different business cultures and how competing philosophies can collide.