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Aug 18, 2014

In this episode

  • Jason tells us why he isn't hating on compliance
  • Jason talks about how security people are often the source of the issues
  • Jason gives us his perspective on compliance-driven security
  • Jason correlates compliance to quality assurance in security
  • We talk about security's unbroken streak of failing at the basics
  • We lament poor metrics, why we suck at them, and what comes next
  • We discuss how you can tell whether an investment in security 'is working'
  • We discuss the need for repetitive and consistent security
  • Jaason gives us his three things that he wants to leave you with



  • Jason Oliver ( @jasonmoliver ) - Jason M Oliver, CISSP, CRISC is the Chief and CEO of Tikras Technology Solutions Corp, a Native American Owned Small Business, President at Arrow Ventures, a seasoned security industry veteran, leader, and lifelong pursuer of knowledge. His unique approach to solving security issues involves individualized plans tailored to meet each specific customer’s needs. His high level of unwavering integrity has been met by the highest regard from both customers and peers.