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Sep 18, 2013

For those of you unfamiliar with the event, HP Protect is the premier event of the year for the HP Enterprise Security products and services organization, held to bring customer practitioners, industry experts, products/services managers and their support specialists together to not only solve real-world problems but to also help set the course for the next year. If you've not had a chance to attend the event and you're an HP customer, or you're interested in the event - check out the HP Protect website.

I was a guest at the conference this year and had an amazing opportunity to sit down in 3 separate sessions with a serviceEpis provider, a practitioner, and 2 vendor-partners and talk real-world security... 

Episode 2 - Wasif Shakeel, Program Director Information Security, General Dynamics - Wasif and I discovered that we have entierly too much in common, and talked about the need for a sane, process and measurement approach to security and handling the "needle in a haystack" problem many Security Operations Centers are faced with.