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Feb 3, 2014

In this episode

  • David discusses what it's like working for a law firm (in the UK)
  • A quick wade through the UK Data Protection Act (mostly Principle 7)
  • "When lawyers get to interpret the laws"
  • Law firms as targets for data breaches
  • The new regulations in the UK, fines between 2%-5% of your REVENUE? Ouch.
  • Defining "adequate measures" in regulations
  • A brief chat on fines, regulations, and risk management
  • I trail off on a Princess Bride quote, and get ranty on "risk"
  • Dealing with personal devices, public WiFi to work and security
  • James asks the inevitable question on training
  • Good vs. "best" practice
  • Your security as a competitive advantage. really.


  • David Prince ( @riskobscurity ) - A dedicated and well-respected Technical Information Security Professional with several years’ experience and demonstrated success leading information security initiatives, in a variety of organizations. Initiatives which are in direct support of business-objectives to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of organizational assets and improve business efficiency, and effectiveness.