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Jan 20, 2014

In this episode

  • Did the Target/Neiman/? breach finally create a catalyst for change?
  • The card system, payment processing infrastructure clearly wasn't designed with defensibility in mind ... who should be changing that?
  • Are today's fraud rates finally getting high enough such that card processors, issuers, banks need to depart from the status quo?
  • Are the days of "zero fraud liability" to the end consumer coming to an end?
  • What about chip & pin? Is the risk less?
  • What kinds of pains will the industry go through to make security on payment systems better?
  • How is the commercial payments industry different from the consumer?
  • Do end users of credit accounts ultimately care about breaches?


  • Laura Claytor ( @the.hgic ) - Laura is a security specialist and veteran within a large US-based banking organization, and is based in the southwest United States
  • Alfred Portengen - ( @alfredportengen ) - Alfred has a deep bredth of experience in architecture and security specialty within a multi-national banking organization, he is based in the Netherlands