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Dec 16, 2013

Hello! This is a special episode in that it's our year-end wrap-up. We bring together 3 of the industry's best to talk about the year that was, the things that made were on your mind, and maybe give us a hint at what is to come...


  • Will Gragido ( @wgragido ) - Will is the Sr. Manager of threat Research Intelligence for RSA NetWitness and a lightweight with the cold medicine.
  • John Pirc ( @jopirc ) - John is the Vice President of Research at NSS Labs, with very strong hair.
  • David Marcus ( @DaveMarcus ) - David is the Director and Chief Architect of the Federal Advanced Program Group at McAfee and a kettle bell monster!

Notably absent, but invited, were Dave Lewis ("fell asleep") and Dave Kennedy ("was on an airplane") ...apparently because I thought it would be fun to invite every Dave I know....... but seriously next time guys :)

James and I would like to wish all our listeners a very merry holiday season, and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014.