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Oct 28, 2013

Special thank you to the US District Attorney's office for the Southern District of California for a fantastic interview and for letting us pick Sabrina's mind for the podcast... 

In this episode...

  • Hackers, carders, and the disturbing trend of them pairing up with the traditional mafia
  • The challenge of VPSes in cyber-crime
  • Evangelizing the truths about cyber-crime to businesses, average person
  • An insight into the way that 'bad guys' specialize in the criminal underground
  • An insight into (bottom-up) investigative models available to law enforcement, as it pertains to hackers
  • Are cyber criminals fleeing or hacking from non-extradition countries?
  • The delicate dance of involving the government in a hacking or breach case
  • Seeking the white whale - an organization that hasn't been breached (yet)
  • 3rd party data sharing and your privacy - do you have any left?


  • Sabrina Feve - Sabrina is an Assistant US Attorney (AUSA) for the Southern District of California, specializing in hacking and cybercrime cases.